Request Funds For A Sick Child

CiDrep SickKids accepts applications for every sick child. If you or someone you know would like to apply for assistance on behalf of a sick child, please review and complete our application.

Our Application Process

  • Download and complete our application
  • Email or mail in the completed application and supporting documents.
  • Once completed and submitted, a case manager will review the application.
  • Our Decision Committee meets every month to review applications.
  • A manager will follow up with each applicant within a week of the committee meeting.
  • When approved, funding will be sent to the provider or insurer (not the family) within three weeks of approval. Funds must be used within 3 to 6 weeks of the date granted.

Funding Criteria (read carefully)

  • The child must be 18 years of age or younger (a person 19–21 may be considered if they are in a child-like mental state)
  • The child must be under the care of a pediatrician and/or other doctors
  • The case must involve a child with a specific healthcare need
  • The request must be clinically relevant to the health of the child
  • There must be no insurance coverage (beyond insurance coverages) or funds for the requested expenses
  • We provide funds for one request per year, per child with no maximum of times in a child’s lifetime

Disclaimer: CiDrep SickKids Foundation reserves the right to distribute funding at its sole discretion.