Helping Sick Kids Get Well and Comfortable During Difficult Times.

Our mission is to provide funds for every sick child when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted.

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Hospitals, physicians, caseworkers, parents and family members can apply for funding on behalf of a sick child. No sick child denied!

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Donate monthly and you can help us fight one of the greatest fights for a child’s health. We can only win with your funding and support.

What We Do

We Provide Funds for Surgeries, Medications, Physical Therapy, Respiratory, Medical Equipment, and Medical Travels for Sick Kids.

Meet Our Kids: In-Service Of Our Community

We envision a future where every child receives cost-free care, get well and feel comfortable during difficult times.

Ayphia is a happy, full of joy and an exuberant child whose smile, unfortunately doesn’t reflect her situation. Meet Ayphia, a 14 month old with congenital hyperinsulinism, hypoglycemia, feeding difficulty, GERD and a history of GI Bleeding. Since May 2019, she has been hospitalized and her family has had difficulty maintaining their finances. The CiDrep Sickkids team and supporters were there to help with the care she needs. Meet our kids

Meet Ayphia
Meet Aidyn

Meet Aidyn, a 11-year old with a very complicated medical history, following treatments for a malignant sacrococcygeal teratoma in 2009. His complications include, gastroparesis, intestinal dysmotility, neurogenic bladder, and renal tubular dysfunction. He is getting the best care by multiple specialist, however the on-going out-of-pocket expenses related to Aidyn’s care is putting his family in financial challenges. Meet our kids.

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